I;m back!

by chessiemoore

k, so i went through a little away time.  i had a regular job which did last 2 months and privacy was a big deal.  still is priority that i want to be available to my porn fans but do not want to put it all on the line.  i am trying to reboot my life so i can have the kind of existence where i don’t have to make up little white lies daily to my straight friends and family.  then when its quiet and i am in the mood  i can boot up and whore off like there’s no tomorrow.  anyway there’s a new yahoo group which is just for members in cc bill and whomever i invite.  if you let your membership lapse i will probably let you slide for a while as i do understand being short on funds, Really understand up close and personal.  The chessiemooremovies.com is getting updated also.  looking forward to getting to know all of you again.  missed Yas!