by chessiemoore

i thought a journal with no specific theme would be worth doing.  so here goes…. its march 10 about 2 am and i am waiting up for husband steve.  he works at the state hospital and has been working 12 hr shifts trying to make up for the lost time when i have surgery.  i never questioned his love and support but this extra he is doing really is amazing to me.  he is obese ergo diabetic and hypertensive so it’s a big strain on him.  So that he does it without complaint just gives me a warm fuzzy.  k, so i am still dating locally and go to havetitswilltravel.com for info.  that’ll do it for today. goodnight diary

Tuesday March twenty first  Was a big day!  Steve had it off and I doth protest getting up.  Steve made a great breakfast!  he burns my toast perfectly.  Seriously i love it burnt, cookies too.  Got the appointment to my psychiatric medicine prescription giver.  Took 2 purse dogs.  She is a nice cat lady but seems to really enjoy the yorkies.  The other high was Kentucky fried chicken buffet.  i sneak chicken in the purse for the dog and it is amazing how much Ignatz can consume at one time.  We watched the walking dead finally that was previously recorded.  great ending.  I have had the pre surgery jitters constant so thought to try some sexual healing.  Nice bath, dogs sort of behaved (they protest the banishment from the bedroom)  Married sex can be vanilla and heck it is nice that way.  We started like that then found a new position that was really nasty and could be shot with tripod.  My plan is to coax Steve into it.  He is like out of practice of preforming for the camera.  Wacky as I am always i strive to be a good wife.  Guess that includes not pushing your overworked diabetic hypertensive husband of 30 years, (as of 3/5 2012)  that is not pestering him to shoot or preform porn.  He is always pleased when its finished and the stats and money climb.  So you voyeurs have patience i am trying.  I sure can type you about it here dear diary 😉  G,Nite

Tuesday March twenty seventh  So much for keeping up with a daily entry.  Case you don’t know I am Bi-polar and when i go down to the south pole or down the rabbit hole little things such as this are really difficult if not impossible.  I didn’t realize it had been a week but that’s sorta how it goes.  I do take medicine for it, weather it works or not is debatable.  Anyway beats the manic tears.  My next trip to the surgeon is a week away.  Un real the price of this surgery.  i am so thankful that there is a guy who stepped up to help.   (that is all said, details being kept private).  My left boob is developing all these xtra lumps and swelling like mad.  Steve gets wed off but with the looks of them and the pain and drain i feel i may stay home.  Ya know the surgeon assures me that the cold sweats and flu like symptoms are not especially due to the silicone leak  but its just gotta be.  i was feeling sorry for myself until i saw this one poor adult entertainer Sofia Stacks not sure if i got the spelling right.  anyway she had the big implants and is a very small woman, so one got a bacterial infection and they removed it where she lost a great deal of skin and just left the other one there.  Bad deal.  when i think of the 2 times i have burned the right one and not had a problem, plus the tattos, guess that i didnt end up in  fix was very good fortune.  yep i am in a better mood.  Nite diary

Thursday March twenty ninth.  Can not get a thing done past couple days.  Sweaty dizzy and hurting.  Even typing is a pain because my only comfortable position is on my left side.  Pre op work up april 3.  So hope there is an improvement before then so i can get some content for you big boob lovers!  Nite diary

thursday april 28 2012  shame on me for neglecting this so long.  seems i have been wallowing in depression like forever.  there is content for the webmaster to post but i can not get him to reply to me.  recovery is coming along fairly well.  still have one drain in which sort of a long story there.  my body feels good without the constant weight and pain is the good thing, just need my mood to step up and get happy to match my happy ribs and body.   i do so appreciate the paying members who hang in there with me and individuals who have done so much for me.  oh here is a factoid for you my bust measurement is now 42 inches,  bet it will shrink a little more.  cant wait to try on cute little push up bras!  honestly i dont think i will be taking them out of the bra and we will just have to deal with that for a while.  I had visions of all this exercise but just no energy.  Orgasms come easier however,  those can be healing.  thanks for reading!

saturday may 5.  well still have a drain tube in the left side.  my second husband says that fluid is poison.  lab report does not agree but instinct tell me it is bad stuff alright.  so tired today and night.  the web master has gone missing for a month so i had a friend suggest i post some pics here in the blog.  very much on the to do list.

Saturday May 24.  shame on me i was surfing the come on portion of my site and there is a promise of phone number and cams shows for members.  Guess i best get busy.  It’s a pet peeve of mine the act of bait and switch and seems i am guilty.

Stand by for fix.  probably take a week

Tuesday, June 5, so much for a week.  with the hot weather seems my seroma thingo has been bugging more.  and on a v mail with skype, seems they want a bit of money which i find myself without ATM  lastly seems i accidently  protected this here blog and need to undo that and going to yahoo group to post some pics from this wknd.  would give to web master but he hasnt caught up to the others i gave him pre surgery, surg date was april 9

saturday june 16, day before fathers day.  getting concerned and frustrated as cc bill check that comes regularly on thursday hasnt come.  cash strapped and regarding setting up skype vmail or making catalogue copies.   waiting on some other money for a web show i did in advance of payment. oops probably should not say i even do that pay me later thing.  see how i get jammed

Monday July 16, shame on me for slacking on this for so long.  Don’t worry I was amply punished trying to find my way around the software.  Okay on the v mail for the members site it just is not happening.  There is no way to make it cost effective and keep my privacy.  On the web cam for memebs this is still on the can do place.  Thing is with the big uns out of me there are options for other types of work.  The pay out on the site is a joke.  still i keep hittin it.  i have a http://www.chesmoore.com i need to work on. The dvd Bye Bye Boobies will be finished soon as this rash of mine clears and that lovely creative surge starts my engine.  Anyway stay ventilated and hydrated.  This killer heat will knock you out flat.