whats up with the boobs

by chessiemoore

i just wanted to give you all a little info for now. i have been dealing with this encapsulation for years and lately it is unbearable. so because the damage to my breasts is so extensive i need to have the implants and scar tissue removed and rest for some months. the surgery date is early april and i am not traveling for escort services. however i can do web cam. i am shooting a movie titled bye bye boobies giving you a show and tell, costumes all that. thanks for reading

2nd entry here.  not sure if this will even save.  i have been researching and learned some things new.  there are whats know as tubular breasts which is just what it sounds like.  when i was developing they had not been uh, discovered.  anyway now they know with this almost always one develops first and they are very lopsided.  that was me.  so moving right along and staying on subject, my right nipple is even bigger.  long ago when i decided i wanted implants but wasn’t going to be cajoled into a lift i now know why the push to have one.  let me interject that my left infamamary (no sp correct on that)  hope you know whats meant)  was/is higher on my left side. now i will stop and next entry will be about boob job number one.  reflecting much effort and thought went into these

3rd entry.  Feeling like i need to give a stronger foundation for the beginning of how i developed.  why did that word make so many of us girls cringe.  wow going to buy the bra with my Mom and everybody pointing out just how normal it is to just have a right boob and well the left one would be along soon.  Yeah.  Reflecting on just what a big deal we make out of boobs over all.  I understand that now medicine can correct these all with hormones.  Glad that option wasn’t on the table but still would have had liked to known one other girl that was like that.  Using hindsight here I may have been so promiscuous just to get past that disfigurement.  Guys were always like if pussy was on the table well having 2 different sized tits was way cool!  k, that’s about all i got tonight.  I AM enjoying this blogging, sort of clears my head.

4th entry, it is St. Pattys Day and i just did the twitter thing.  So with the fresh questions about why the implants gotta go.  it is over whelming  me trying to re explain so i am trying to get a detailed explanation down to point my fans to.  Today i am not inspired to write, just depressed and negative generally.   Bottom line is the implants are a danger to my health.  they hurt so and feel like i have the flu most of the time.  and they look lumpy and swollen.  so decision is made.  doc says they have to come out and i rest and let my body recover.  date is april 9.  hope to write more soon