by chessiemoore

so i am hold up in an undisclosed location recharging and recreating.  so far so good but gotta go home tomorrow.  Praise and great love to BDS who did his grind of a job and all my farm work.  Even keeping a tiny sickly puppy fed and cared for.  I talked with my web developer Donavan Jones and we are on the job. is comming.  patience is a virtue.  have a super new pc a very valued and respected person gifted me.  didnt want to share with the world but what the heck, i lost my laptop on the way home from La Guardia in airport security.  was so zoned out.  I must stop dealing with areas and persons who drain my NRG and leave me a zombie walking through airports forgetting all my attachments there.  Yes i have left shit before like my cell but usually someone points it out.  This time i was between flights B4 i was aware.  So had to have a period of morning, der cans spell that.  Done with that and ready to create.  Shame about Shameless angel not wanting to communicate.  We, she and me are of different niches so no matter really.  Way cool long time fan has created content ready to post on the web from the millions of hours of video shot in the past.  Donavan wants me to shoot video clip explaining to paying members that it is a bad idea to post paid for content as when we busty gals don’t make money we stop putting out content.  Yep that is why its so dry out there.  Do consider it is a full time job packing whoopers around.  If you need some visual aid check out Jeannetta Joy.  Such a sweet woman, tks Paul for the intro.  Wishing alls u well and great wknd